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Tudor House is a family orientated veterinary clinic consisting of a fabulous team of professionals. Our business owners have a huge passion for animals with a wealth of experience behind them. Tudor Houses vision has always been to offer only the best and sincere animal care and veterinary treatments keeping that traditional approach which is so difficult to find today.

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Our Veterinary Professionals

Some short sentence here to intro everyone...

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Marias passion for animals started from a young child with her career as a veterinary surgeon always being her dream job. Maria has 15 years’ experience as a veterinary surgeon with a huge knowledge of Brachiocephalic breeds, their needs and welfare. Amongst a huge array of skills maria is also certificated in soft tissue and dentistry.

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Ilias graduated in 2013 as a veterinary surgeon he always prides himself in offer strong client relationships through clear communication and an empathetic approach. His experience as a surgeon goes back 9 years making him a great asset to our Tudor House family and its clients.

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Reproduction …. K9 Fertility Expert

Lees passion for animals and animal reproduction stems back from a very young age. Lee has been a huge part of the Tudor House family for many years and carries a wealth of experience and qualifications in reproduction. Lee’s knowledge and understanding within the veterinary field as a reproduction expert goes back 5 years. He also plays a pivotal role as a clinical assistance at Tudor House.

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Our main goal is to be able to offer animal owners absolutely every service they may require all under one roof, from veterinary treatments, K9 Fertility Expertise to Dog Grooming we offer it all!

We are also known across the UK for being extremely savvy when it comes to the bulldog breeds. Bulldog specialists are extremely hard to come by so it’s important to know that your beloved friend is in safe hands.

Tudor House Animal Care & Fertility opened its doors to animal owners across the UK and soon became one of the popular choices for pet owners, bulldog owners and breeders due to our wealth of experience and expertise.

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It's hard to find a true Bulldog savvy vet, however we can assure you our love and devotion to the breed is like no other.

How did we become so bulldog savvy? Well there is a simple answer for this! Tom Bingham who is highly thought of within the bulldog world taught us so much over the years of him being our go to vet.

Over the years we have built a very strong reputation for being extremely bulldog savvy we are renown for seeing bulldogs from all over the country.

Cherry eye in bulldogs is very common and can become very sore and unsightly if left untreated. Our cherry eye surgery is known for being extremely affordable and effective.

Tudor House’s popularity is forever growing, we are becoming increasingly familiar with the bulldog’s breathing issues which can be bought on from BOAS and pneumonia. We take pride in the ability to take care of these issues on a daily basis.

It’s important to know that having a vet that has a lot of experience with brachycephalic breeds is extremely important when choosing to own this type of breed.

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It's easy to hype ourselves up, but the proof is in the pudding. Read our testimonials to find out for yourselves.

I would absolutely recommend! Perfect service dealing with my big dopey doggie, wouldn’t go to another place, thanks again! X

Tia Cox

amazing place lovely friendly people great from start to finish with my girl and her pup and here she is enjoying her mouse they recommend for her ❤❤

Missy Walker

Staff are so friendly and are genuinely kind people. They've offered an awful lot of help to us and are really understanding. Fantastic service!!

Beckie Spears

We went from London yesterday all the way for BenChi's cherry eye removal. These guys are like diamonds, very competent in what they do. We went in and were ready to go in 15 minutes time, the service is incredible and no appointments required. This journey was well worth it and at a fraction of a cost, as we couldn't locate any correct vets in London area, BenChi is a very pretty and happy lady again, sending lots of kisses 💋💋💋

Darius Riabcukas

Incredible service. There is no appointment system, you just turn up and wait, but I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes and you get a great service. We took our puppy for her cherry eye, both times. Her recovery was super quick and she was not distressed at all. Very professional and caring and beyond reasonable price compared to any other vet. 100% recommended.

Wendy Moore

Absolutely brilliant service I got today, with my pups vacinations.. All the staff and vet were brilliant… And the price for all jabs was a lot cheaper than my own vets….. Highly recommend

Wayne Burford

Did progesterone bloods at extremely short notice, great advice, friendly fast service 😊 Thanks

Nicola Heath

Cannot recommend this clinic enough!
They have done a superb job with Mabel 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️

Paula Rowe

Absolutely amazing, couldn’t recommend them enough. Take their time and make sure your comfortable. 10/10

Shai Ayres