All Inclusive Whelping Kit

All Inclusive Whelping Kit

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Product descriptionKidney bowel Sterile Hand wipes Sterile Alcohol wipesSterile Lubricant gel SyringesSterile Cord clampsRubber gloves Sterile ScissorsSterile ForcepsSterile aspirator bulb Thermo...

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Product description

Kidney bowel 

Sterile Hand wipes 

Sterile Alcohol wipes

Sterile Lubricant gel 


Sterile Cord clamps

Rubber gloves 

Sterile Scissors

Sterile Forceps

Sterile aspirator bulb 


Whelping collars 

 Also includes:

1 x Sterile Scissors - Cutting cord should you need to.

  Sterile Alcohol Wipes - Sterilising instruments and thermometer after use

 1 x Sterile forceps - Clamping of the cord before cutting should it be required. We find these useful if our girl has a retained placenta but puppy has been born with cord attached to plancenta so we clamp close to mum so we can cut the cord and to stop placenta going further inside.

 2 x 5g Sterile Lubricating jelly sachets - Help loosen the puppy/kitten when delivering and to also place on the thermometer during temp checks.

 1 x Kidney dish - keeping all instruments together and to hand and use to clean down mum afterwards then throw away!

 1 x Digital Thermometer and plastic case to keep clean - Record temperature on the PDF chart that is included

 5 x Sterile Cord Clamps (single wrapped) - Pinch off umbilical cords in an emergency. We leave these on for for about 20 minutes or so until we feel bleeding has stopped. (We dont leave puppy with mum while clamp is on we put on heatmat to help dry cord, so mum cant pull at it)

 1 x Sterile Bulb aspirator - Suck out fluid from puppy/kittens nose

 rubber gloves providing a clean environment when handling new borns


 Puppy & Kitten weighing scales 


 Nasogastric Feeding Tube for Puppies And Kittens. Various sizes including sterile syringes.

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