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Progesterone testing for ovulation is by far one of the best and safest methods to detect your females perfect mating day. Not only does this give you a higher chance of a positive pregnancy but it also helps to improve litter size.

Our AIA 360 Progesterone machine is one of the market leaders in this field giving you your results in just 30 minutes.


Unfortunately from time to time breeders can’t always be 100% sure on what day of pregnancy their female may be on and more importantly if their female decides to whelp earlier than expected.

Not only does this cause many watchful sleepless nights but it also causes all sorts of problems when a planned C section needs to be booked.


Our fertility clinic is one of the ONLY Midlands clinics to have a brand new AIA 360 Progesterone Machine which comes with a full service agreement, meaning that our machine is professionally calibrated and serviced - this means giving all of our clients precise and accurate readings at all times.

Artificial Insemination

With the risk of infection and unwanted viruses’ natural mating’s are becoming a thing of the past.

Access to high-quality genetics by shipping fresh chilled or frozen semen from a distant stud dog.

Allows breeders to facilitate breeding that could not happen through natural means.

Artificial insemination is especially useful within the bulldog breeds, some females may have ‘Welling’ which means a pocket of blood is sat within the tract causing an unlikely positive pregnancy result. This ‘Well’ is easily drained during the artificial insemination process and usually a course of antibiotics to take home would suffice.

Dog Image
Dog Image

Pregnancy Scanning

Tudor House offers Ultrasound pregnancy scanning / Pregnancy confirmation using only the market leading ultra- sound equipment. This is a non-invasive procedure and, in most cases, doesn’t require the animal to be clipped or shaved nor does it require anaesthetic.

It is advisable to scan between day 28 and 35 from the last day of mating for reliable pregnancy detection result. Ultrasound scanning also gives us the opportunity to detect other issues such as foetal re absorption and pyometra.

Sperm Testing

There are many reasons why a successful mating may not occur and one of the reasons may be down to the stud dog’s semen.

Here at our Tudor House we aim to inform breeders of the quality, quantity and mobility of their stud dog’s semen.

Semen analysis is done using specialist equipment at our premises, we can determine if there are any visible problems with the semen such as poor mobility or physical defects.

If the sperm is found to be of good quality but lacking in suitable mobility an extender can be used to boost the sperm and achieve the desired result.

Dog Image
Dog Image

Sperm Chilling & Shipping

Tudor House has become one of the most popular choices for the sending and receiving of Chilled semen around the globe.

With our expert knowledge and experience with Chilling services we can talk breeders through the whole process.

Our services include collection, testing, chilling and dispatch world wide.


If we recommend that your cat or dog requires surgery of any kind, we have a network of experienced and reliable veterinary surgeons who we will refer you to. Rest assured, any surgery referral we make will be to veterinary surgeons we have worked with personally or have had trustworthy recommendations about.