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Clinical Examinations

Veterinary Clinical Examinations Wolverhampton

Veterinary Consultation

Clinical Examinations at Trusted Vets Veterinary Clinic will usually be booked as a 15-minute slot for the cost of £25. If more time is needed an additional appointment slot may be necessary. A Clinical examination is a fundamental part of a veterinary diagnosis. Clinical Examinations comprise of three components: the history, the examination, and the explanation. Where your vet discusses the nature and implications of the clinical findings.  A patient seeks medical help for three main reasons: diagnostic purposes, treatment or reassurance, or a combination of these factors. An in-depth head-to-toe examination helps to provide animal owners with the overall health of their pets.

Wellness Examination

A wellness examination is a routine medical examination of a dog who appears healthy. As opposed to an examination of a dog who is ill. A wellness examination may also be called a ‘check-up’ or a ‘physical examination’. The focus of a wellness examination is the maintenance of optimal health.

Veterinary Clinical Examinations Wolverhampton

Clinical Examinations FAQs

How often should my dog have a wellness examination?

The answer to this question depends on your dog’s age and current health status. During early puppyhood wellness exams are recommended on a monthly basis, while for the average adult dog annual wellness examinations are the norm, and for middle-aged, senior, and geriatric dogs, semi-annual examinations are recommended. Your veterinarian is in the best position to recommend how often your dog should have a wellness examination based on his breed, health status, and lifestyle.

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What are the wellness screening tests performed?

As part of a complete wellness examination, your veterinarian will usually recommend wellness screening tests. There are four main categories of wellness testing recommended for dogs: complete blood count (CBC), biochemistry profile, urinalysis, and thyroid hormone testing. Within each category, your veterinarian will advise you about how extensive the testing should be. In younger dogs without noticeable health complaints, relatively simple testing may be adequate. In middle-aged, senior, or geriatric dogs, more comprehensive testing is advisable. For older dogs, additional wellness screening tests may include chest or abdominal radiographs (X-rays) to assess the size and appearance of the internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver, or radiographs of the skeletal system to look for degenerative changes in the bones or joints

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Why are Clinical Examinations or wellness screening advised?

Clinical Examinations are advised for dogs as they are unable to communicate how they feel, and as a result, disease can arise before you are aware of it. To make matters even more complicated, most dogs will hide early signs of disease as part of their survival instincts. This implies that a health condition may become severe before your dog presents any evident or recognisable symptoms. During the physical examination, your veterinarian may identify some early warning signals, or subtle changes that are suggestive of underlying concerns, leading to the recommendation for further testing as mentioned above.

If a disease or condition is detected before your dog shows symptoms of illness, steps can often be done to control or treat the problem before permanent damage develops, enhancing the chances of a happy outcome. Furthermore, early detection and treatment are frequently less expensive than waiting until sickness or illness has progressed to the point where it affects your dog’s quality of life.
Wellness checkups and testing are especially critical in elderly and geriatric dogs due to the increased likelihood of underlying disease. This is why semi-annual checkups for senior dogs are recommended.


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