Greyhound Leather Collar

By Ancol

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-Traditional hound collar shape-Genuine European bridle leather-Made in the UK-Strong, weather resistant, and long-lasting-Available in black and tan-Matching leads also available-Please note that lea...

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-Traditional hound collar shape
-Genuine European bridle leather
-Made in the UK
-Strong, weather resistant, and long-lasting
-Available in black and tan
-Matching leads also available
-Please note that leather is a natural, porous product. If the leather becomes wet, some colour run of the natural dye may happen. Leather collars ought not be saturated with water. If the collar becomes saturated, allow it to air-dry naturally and do not use heat to speed the drying process. To keep the item in tip-top shape, we recommend treating with a leather conditioner annually.
-Available in 30-34cm and 34-43cm
-We are committed to reducing our packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. This item is supplied on packaging that is widely recycled.ed.

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