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Dog Training Academy with Nathaniel Lewis

Our Protection dog training academy is hosted twice a Month 12pm – 5pm.

All breeds and abilities are welcome as we focus on your canines individual needs.

Our custom built training field offers an array of apparatus and scenarios throughout your days training to ensure your canine has encountered any possible environment and situation he may encounter.

A Personal protection dog should be balanced and highly trained, confident and sociable and yet when called upon to defend they should be fearless and formidable.

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Our K9 Protection

Our K9 Protection academy is designed to test the candidate in every environment they may be called upon to defend in. We know that should the worst ever happen our protectors are more than capable of resolving any conflict.

There can be no greater peace of mind than knowing that your dog will put themselves in harms way to defend you and your family.

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Positive Training Methods

We harness your canines natural drives and promote them through positive training methods to produce the very best protection dogs available in the UK.

Our Trainer Nathaniel Lewis has trained thousands of todays TOP protection dogs.

This is the most important investment in home security you will ever make, so please ask as many questions to satisfy yourself that you have all the reassurances you need.

To make a booking or for further information please get intouch

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