Pet X Ray Services

Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging

X-rays are a valuable tool for diagnosing animal health problems when an external examination is not enough. The process is painless, and when pets are calm and cooperative, it can be performed without sedation, although sedation can be administered if needed. At Tudor House Animal Care, digital X-rays provide our experienced veterinarians with clear and accurate images immediately, for a fast and precise diagnosis of your pet’s health problems.


Radiology provides us with a safe, non-invasive way to observe your pet’s internal physiology. X-rays can be used to diagnose:

  • Hip and elbow scoring under the BVA hip and elbow dysplasia scheme
  • Diagnosing fractures, osteoarthritis, several causes of lameness and congenital limb deformities
  • Diagnose conditions affecting the chest like pulmonary metastases or cardiac disease
  • Diagnose conditions affecting the abdomen like masses, gastric torsion, foreign body ingestion, and bladder stones.
  • Diagnosing conditions that affect organs such as the heart, lungs and liver

X-Rays for Precise Puppy Count

There are lots of moments of anticipation when your girl is pregnant. One of those big moments is confirming the pregnancy with ultrasound and Likely the biggest moment of anticipation is finding out how many puppies you’re expecting. An accurate puppy count makes the whelping process easier for the breeder- since you should know when you’re finished.

At Tudor House, we recommend performing x-rays as opposed to ultrasound to get accurate puppy counts. There are many pros and cons to each, but one of the advantages of X-rays is accuracy of the litter count, and lower costs for the owner.
Some of the other advantages of X-rays is we can compare fetus size to the size of the pelvic canal, and the fetus positions. If the puppies (usually their heads) are too large, the dam will have a hard time whelping. If so, we can discuss the options for an elective c-section.

X Ray Machine at Tudor House Veterinary Clinic Wolverhampton

X-rays most often give us an exact count of the litter!

We recommend performing a radiograph puppy count between 55 and 58 days of gestation.

With every C section performed at Tudor House an automatic X-ray will be performed just before your surgery commences.

What does that mean to you?

Your girls X-ray will show a detailed picture of each and every puppy that she’s carrying, giving you an accurate puppy count at no extra cost.

X-Rays for Precise Puppy Count
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