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Routine health checks at your vet are a vital part of veterinary care for both dogs and cats. At Tudor House we offer personalised routine clinic examinations for your trusted feline and canine friends to make sure your pet is as bright and healthy as possible.

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As part of our standard service we recommend routine feline and canine vaccinations during your pet’s annual / bi-annual health check. Vaccinations are a quick and simple procedure protecting your beloved animals from potentially deadly illnesses

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In association with our specialist K9 fertility clinic, we have considerable knowledge and experience of the needs and requirements of newborn puppies and offer thorough puppy health checks. We start puppies on their first course of vaccinations from 6-8 weeks.

The immunity that your puppy gains from its mother’s milk will have reduced considerably by 6 weeks of age so it is essential that you protect your puppy against diseases by booking them in for their vaccinations.

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Bulldogs’ Health and Cherry Eye Removal

We have become one of the most popular choices for bulldog owners around the UK due to our wealth of experience and expertise with the brachycephalic breeds. We can offer expert advice and treatment for common conditions in bulldogs such as cherry eye.

Tudor House is known across the UK for its affordable Cherry Eye surgery.


Microchipping your canine friends is a legal requirement. Microchipping cats and dogs has the huge benefit of reuniting lost pets with their owners. Our aim is to keep your pet safe and microchipping is one way of doing this. We offer dog microchipping and cat microchipping as a standard service.

The microchip itself is as small as a grain of rice and is inserted between the shoulder blades by a small injection. The process is quick, relatively painless, and once inserted your pet cannot feel the microchip. Dog microchipping must take place by 8 weeks old and cats can be microchipped from 5 weeks old.

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We recommend that you have your cats and dogs administered with flea and worm treatment regularly. Fleas bite humans and cause discomfort and irritation in both cats and dogs, leading to possible skin infections and other complications.

Worms are parasites found in the intestines of cats and dogs, causing health issues in both pets and humans if untreated. There are a variety of flea and worm treatments available and we will advise you on the best and most effective treatment for your pets.


During any canine or feline health check or other visit to us, we are here to offer the advice that you need, including worries about behavioural issues in your dog or questions about diet. We offer personalised behavioural advice and dietary advice, taking into account all aspects of your dog’s breed, lifestyle, age and medical history. We recommend that you participate in an active puppy training programme from the beginning of the relationship with your puppy so as to reduce behavioral problems later on.

We also offer support, advice and treatment for other conditions.

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Ear & Eye Infections

Ear and eye infections are common in both dogs and cats. Ear infections are more common in dogs, while eye infections, also known as conjunctivitis, are more common in cats. There are a number of treatments we will use depending on the severity and cause of infection present.

Skin & Allergy Issues

The most common causes of canine allergic dermatitis are flea allergy, food allergy, inhalant or contact allergy, and allergy to the normal bacterial flora and yeast organisms of the skin. We will not only treat your pet but we will also advise on any probable causes to eliminate future flare ups.